Product Care

Product Care


As we all know, that MadeinHeaven creates high quality product that comfortable to wear yet fashionable and luxury for baby and kids. We want children to enjoy and have fun wearing our products. We try to ensure each product is always be Heavenly Design – Heavenly Material and Heavenly Wear, for as long as possible. So, we created a special MadeinHeaven’s Product Care guide, to be handled with Heavenly Care.



Cotton can be washed using any kind of washing detergent, either by washing-machine or hand-wash. 

White cottons can even be gently washed with bleach to keep their pearly white shade, but need to be really careful so the bleach will not touch the other colour other than white. 

After Washing, cotton can be machine dried, but need to be ironed because cotton tends to wrinkle easily. However, keep in mind that we do not suggest to machine drying any cotton with print-ons to avoid damaging or even destroying the heaven print-ons. 

Important notes:  

Sometimes our cotton fabrics are blended with Batik printings or other fabric with brighter colour. These garments might require extra careful handwashing so the batik / other fabric colour will not fade or touch the other colours.



Satin should be washed by hand using cold water along with a gentle detergent. When hand washing, let the clothes soak in warm water for about 3 to 5 minutes. Gently squeeze the suds through the clothing and rinse thoroughly with cool or cold water. Do not wring or twist it, as it will cause it to loose its shape. 

When drying, avoid placing it in a drying-machine. Instead, lay the item flat on a clean, dry towel, and roll the towel, jellyroll style, and apply pressure to squeeze out excess water. Unroll, remove the garment and lay flat on another clean, dry towel to finish air-drying, away from sun or excess heat. 

Important notes: 

- Never wash satin items in hot water. Hot water washing may shrink your satin items as much as 10% to 20% in size. 

- Satin items could be ironed on a medium/light setting, with no steam. Iron the items inside out with quick strokes, never allowing the iron to linger too long on any one spot.



Wash our linen fabric clothing by hand using mild soap or put them in the washing machine on the hand wash program. When drying, Linen fabric wrinkles easily and therefore should be dried lying down or by hanging them out.



Gently hand wash our silk products using very cold water. Apply a very mild detergent, then rinse it in cold water until all soap residue has been removed. Add a few drops of hair conditioner to the rinse water to keep the silk soft and flexible. 

When drying, press the water out of the fabric by rolling it in a towel. Do not twist or wring, as this will damage the fabric. Hang the wet item and allow it to air dry completely. Do not hang silk clothes in the sun to dry. 

Important notes: 

- Iron only when absolutely necessary. Use a cool iron with a press cloth between the iron and the fabric. Unless the tag on our silk item recommends dry cleaning, it should be avoided as dry cleaning will shrink certain types of silk. 

- Use lemon juice or vinegar to spot clean, but test an inconspicuous area first to test for colorfastness. 

- Be careful not to let hairspray and perfume get on silk as the alcohol will damage the fabric.



Always handle our woolen products with extra care and make sure they really need to be washed. Unlike cotton fabrics, wool does not need to be washed frequently. Just air the items in-between wears. 

When washing, most wool items can be washed in a washing machine on the special wool program. However hand washing our woolen clothing will always be preferable because it is more gentle. Use a detergent specially made for washing wool to make sure they stay nice and soft. Dissolve the detergent in the water first, to prevent agitating the wet wool. Basically heat, agitation, and detergent are the enemies of wool, so aim to soak and rinse the dirt out. Just gently push our woolen clothing under water and softly squeeze the suds through the clothing. Rinse thoroughly with cool or cold water. 

When drying, remove excess water with a towel by laying the item on a towel and rolling it up jelly-roll style, squeezing and pressing gently. Unroll then and leave in fresh air to dry. Never hang our wool clothes out to dry as the wet fabric will stretch and loose shape. Instead dry them flat in desired shape.



Denim is a very strong fabric that doesn’t need to be washed very frequently. When washing, always wash denim items inside out using a gentle soap in a cold water only. Wash with similar colours (or separately) as denim tends to bleed. When drying, always hang our denim items out to dry, don’t tumble dry.

Important Notes:

Wax, gum and crayon stains are usually the most difficult stains to remove. Firstly, remove the residue with a dull scraping tool. Then gently rub an ice cube to the stain until the ice melts. Ice hardens the stain and enables you to scrape it off. 

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