How to Order

  1. The easiest way to place an order is on MADEINHEAVEN Official Webstore ( But, you may order an item through our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you prefer to order over the telephone (+6221-78836417)/ Whatsapp (62-812-1260-6061) /or BBM (7F975410), please contact our customer service team between 10:00 and 17:00 GMT Monday to Friday.
  2. Browse our online store anytime of day or night from anywhere in the world. Browse our products by their types : Boys Collections, Girls Collections, or Others for tspeaks, accessories, and giftsets; Or you may click “New Collections” button for our latest products.
  3. Once you have chosen an item you like to purchase, add the items by clicking on “Put on My Shopping Bag” button. You may continue to browse and shop, and click on the button for every single item you wish to purchase.
  4. You can view all the items you have ordered by clicking the “My Shopping Bag”. Review your order, and you can “Remove” to delete an item from your shopping bag if you decided not to purchase it.
  5. When you have completed your order and ready to pay, simply click “Check Out” to check your order and provide the necessary payment and delivery details.
  6. Review your purchase, address, and shipping time, and if everything is correct, please proceed to “CONFIRM PAYMENT”
  7. After you have completed your purchase, you need to confirm your payment. Please note that confirming payment is not necessary for those of you, who pay by Credit Card. If you pay through Bank Transfer, you may confirm your payment, or you could email to in 2 x 24 hours.
  8. Please kindly wait for your order(s) to arrive. We will notify you and provide you details about the order to your e-mail.
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