From Moms With Love


A mom’s unconditional love to give the best, is simply what inspired Made In Heaven every single day. Two moms whose been best friends since junior High School, Nasywa Shihab (Chacha) and Adiet Apsari (Dieta), ensures that babies and kids enjoy the heavenly material and heavenly wear.  Chacha, is a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, while Dieta is a mother of 2 handsome sons.

While enjoying motherhood as most beautiful part of their life, they never gave up on their passion to create beautiful clothes, committing to embrace the challenges of running Made In Heaven and raising a family. They believe that childhood is the happiest time of a person’s life, and children need to look good and feel good about themselves. They put their heart and soul in every process, listening to children as their true inspiration in designing and producing every single clothes.

Made In Heaven is an essential part of every child’s and family journey in growing up, having fun and dreaming ahead.

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