About Us

Our Story

Madeinheaven is high quality product for baby and kids apparels. Our core product is T Shirt, and now we develop our idea into the new assortments such as, dress, polo shirt, and accessories. 

Why MadeinHeaven different?

As our board of designer is the children, thus, listened for what they want is our capability to create a fantastic product. We are always trying to perceive every little aspect from children’s point of view; So that, MadeinHeaven always attempts to make their dreams come true. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to complete the demands of all children in the universe that still appears as a high quality product that comfortable to wear yet fashionable and luxury. 

The Vision

The vision is establishing the brand as one of the most high quality product for children apparels and be the most recognizable and reputable ones worldwide. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer a high quality product that playful combination fun design and refreshingly soft qualities for both body and soul within the three concepts: Heavenly design: Cute and innovative techniques and has a feel-good message. Heavenly materials: Made from fine fabric that is durable and comfortable for children. Heavenly wear: Perfect cutting, give children comfort and flexibility at play. 

Design Strengths

We try to understand, to listen and responsive to our market. Our inspiration is all the kids amongst the universe, and we attempt to present their dreams into a reality or what we called “Innovation”.

Designer’s Goal

To maintain a quality and fashion orientation harmonizing the common fashion trends.


We try to create an “Imagination room” in order to ensure a consistent brand image amongst all MadeinHeaven’s display and products immediately recognizable by the consumer.

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